Executive Committees

The Association has two Executive Committees – one in Ardingly, UK and one in Old Jeshwang, The Gambia. The primary focus of 10 person Ardingly Executive Committee is to ensure the ongoing development of medical facilities, while the 8 person Old Jeshwang Executive Committee has the responsibility to ensure the day-to-day running of the Health Centre is maintained.

The Ardingly Executive Committee meets six times a year and discusses a set agenda, plus any other business. Set agenda items include management and finances of the Health Centre, midwifery, research projects, building and plant, events, Health Centre Management Report and education programmes.

Annual Chairman’s Report

The Association publishes an annual Chairman’s Report as part of our requirements of being a registered charity in England and Wales. The report contains summaries on finance, sponsorship, visits and future developments, Health Centre activities and research. The latest is shown below and earlier years’ reports can be found here.

Expenditure Breakdown

The latest copy of the Accounts can be downloaded here.

Registered charity

Ardingly Old Jeshwang Association is a registered charity in England and Wales (number 1024627) and The Gambia (169/1993). It is regulated by The Charity Commission in England and Wales and The Gambian Charity Commission in The Gambia. The Association is required to submit annual reports and accounts as part of this oversight process.