Current Project

We are planning to extend the clinic to provide an additional Maternity Delivery Suit. The current single suite becomes too cramped when more than one delivery is in progress. Our architect, David Ogilve, has drawn up plans for the proposed extension and these are shown below:

Plan of existing Medical Centre
Existing Layout
Drawing showing Planned and Future Extension
Planned Extension (yellow shading) and future expansion (yellow outline)
Drawing showing roof of new extension
Plan of proposed extension roof

Previous Projects

New Generator

Regular power cuts are part of routine life in the Gambia and have no respect for a mum at the point of delivery! A reliable generator is essential therefore to provide a safe, 24hr/7day service.

Our current 30 year old generator is now ‘terminally’ ill and we have made provision for its replacement – with a new Stamford Perkins 17kVA unit – at a cost of £9k. 

New generator

The Need: Although this funding is now in place we need to find an extra £20 per month (just 4 more sponsors at £5 per month!) for its regular servicing – the provision for this going cost is just as important as the capital expenditure.

2016 Blood Transfusion Clinic

New transfusion clinic
  • £3,000 raised for accommodation for the National Blood Transfusion Service, in support of The Gambian Health Authority initiative.

​2014 Dental Surgery

  • £5,000 raised for the provision of dental surgery, as part of BIS plan.

​2013 Caretaker’s Accommodation

  • £8,000 raised for new on-site resident caretaker’s accommodation, providing essential maintenance and night-time medical staff security.

​2012 Replacement Ambulance

New ambulance being handed over
  • £5,000 raised for a replacement ambulance private sponsor, providing essential emergency transport.

​2010 Pathology Laboratory

Pathology Lab
  • £3,000 raised for a new Pathology Laboratory, providing an expansion of our services as part of BIS plan to give financial independence.

​2007 perimeter wall

  • £5,000 raised for a perimeter wall, providing site security.

​2002 Health Centre

New Health Clinic
  • £100,000 raised for the building of the Health Centre (via a UK Lottery grant), providing basic health care for the 30,000 Gambians in the suburban village of Old Jeshwang.

More photographs of the completed projects can be found in the Gallery.